The September Issues

Alma Ha’Rel, a Tel Aviv native and radical film and commercial director, creates narrative work that plunges deep into the heart of imagination and creates surreal, dream-like poetic meditations on life. Known for her award-winning films—Bombay Beach, which took home top Indie Spirit and Tribeca Film Festival awards, and Love True, an electric collaboration with Shia LaBeouf—Har'el’s inventive approach to filmmaking produces fearless, genre-redefining work, which artistically blurs the line between documentary and fiction. Her work for brands like Air Bnb, Facebook, and P&G both push female directors into the commercial space, and capture real life from a magical, psychedelic  perspective. In 2016, Har'el launched the Free the Bid initiative, which works to address the gender imbalance among directors in the commercial industry. Since its launch, major ad agencies and brands such as HP, Visa, eBay, Twitter, and Levi’s have made the pledge to have a female director bid on every commercial. Har'el’s next film, Honey Boy, has been heralded as one of the most anticipated of 2019. Har'el’s work as an artist and an instigator of change emphasizes the power of film, and the importance of diverse, authentic storytellers.

photographed by MARY ROZZI in los angeles, ca on may 10, 2017


pioneer artwork by ALMA HAR'EL featured in issue 0