The September Issues

AMANDA DE CADENET is a visionary, entrepreneur, and leading voice of feminism. From her roots as a teenage talk show host to her prolific career as a photographer, de Cadenet focuses on the representation of women in society. As the CEO and founder of #girlgaze, a digital media company, she brings the work of female Gen Z photographers and directors to the light. de Cadenet also helms The Conversation, a series of honest, in-depth interviews with celebrated women such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Keys, and Hillary Clinton. In 2017 de Cadenet published her first book, It’s Messy, a stirring account of her early fame, a few false starts, and the success she’s built through her commitment to authenticity, and the power of the female gaze.

photographed by MARY ROZZI in los angeles, ca on february 22, 2018 

pioneer artwork by AMANDA DE CADENET featured in issue 1