The September Issues

Kelly-Eve Koopman and Sarah Summers are the filmmakers behind the incisive web series Coloured Mentality, a deeply personal, humanist deconstruction of racial identity in South Africa. Consisting of six five-minute episodes, each installment of the YouTube hosted web series tackles one central question answered by a number of popular media personalities, actors, and creatives who define themselves as Coloured—a term that itself came from apartheid. Summer and Koopman—a couple in their twenties whose backgrounds are in film, media, and theater—began the series with their own desire to interrogate their origins, and to understand the deep roots of indigenous and ancient cultures in their identities, as opposed to just feeling like a by-product of apartheid, slavery, and colonialism. In 2017, Summer and Koopman created a documentary about a 600 mile walk from the Eastern Cape to Cape Town, led by Khoisan activists, and meant to provoke conversation and a critical examination about the plight of South Africa’s indigenous people. Coloured Mentality has over 2,000 subscribers on YouTube, and has become a safe space for their interviewees and the larger community to dispel stereotypes, confront difficult realities, and speak truthfully. Summer and Koopman’s work underscores the diversity of the black and brown experience, and the necessity of inclusive engagement and conversation.

photographed by THANDI GULA-NDEBELE in capettown, sa on august 24, 2017

pioneer artwork by KELLY-EVE KOOPMAN + SARAH SUMMERS featured in issue 0