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We, The September Issues, are an independently published print magazine that delivers a powerhouse of diverse, authentic voices in art and fashion. Each issue of the magazine, stunningly printed and packed with arresting images and distinct creative voices, is equal parts fashion, art, and feminism. We have a dual mission: to make fashion a feminist issue, and to create a platform for artists to explore and create work that reflects the evolution of art and culture. The magazine is our campaign for uninhibited creativity and integrity.

We recognize that artists need a space where they can start new conversations, and author their own identities-The September Issues is dedicated to providing the space and resources for artists to do so. By reflecting on societal values, and examining representation and responsibility within our global community, we set ourselves apart from our contemporaries by creating for an audience that is not only interested in art and fashion, but politically and socially aware. 

As a publication, we want to be an active part in spreading impactful change: with each issue, we align ourselves with a group, charity, or cause we support by educating and creating awareness. We believe that organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Me Too, and Crisis Text Line support the health and vitality of women, and are doing important work to build community in the same way that art and artists are.

The September Issues is constantly evolving, and looking forward towards the future of media, art, and feminism. We will continue to challenge and redefine publishing-helping to build a community that reflects the diversity and power of global femininity.

Mary Rozzi, Founder + Creative Director