The September Issues

photographed by MARY ROZZI in los angeles on august 14, 2018

Lauren Wasser is a model, actress, activist—and a double amputee. Wasser has dedicated her life to spreading awareness about Toxic Shock Syndrome, after contracting the life-threatening, little-discussed infection from tampon use in 2012. Since recovering from her near-death experience, she has published her story in publications such as Vice and InStyle, walked the runway for Chromat, released a line with the sock and underwear brand Stance, was featured in Kenneth Cole’s “The Courageous Class”, and starred in the DIRECTV series Loudermilk. Alongside Representative Carolyn Maloney, Wasser is currently campaigning for the Robin Danielson Act—a piece of legislation that has already been blocked nine times before vote—which would establish a program of research and education on the dangerous components of tampons. Using her influential platform and following to put the stories of other TSS survivors into the spotlight, Wasser spreads a message of body positivity, strength and diversity.

pioneer artwork by LAUREN WASSER featured in issue 2