The September Issues

Winnie Harlow, a fashion model and vitiligo spokesperson, is redefining beauty standards. Her work on America’s Next Top Model and with major publications such as Dazed, i-D, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan, is blazing a trail for those working within the fashion industry who mean to inspire, and represent diversity and inclusivity. The Toronto native was diagnosed with vitiligo—a skin condition that causes the cells responsible for pigmentation to stop functioning—at just four years old. Growing up, she faced bullying, humiliation, and misunderstanding—all which allowed Harlow to learn how to be her own advocate, and champion the push to embrace unconventional beauty. After ANTM, Harlow’s status as an icon was cemented: she has modeled for Diesel, Sprite, and Swarovski, become the official brand representative of Desigual, and worked alongside legendary photographer Nick Knight. Harlow’s position as a major player in fashion represents the ferocity of individuality, and the importance of uniqueness in an often homogenous industry.

photographed by MARY ROZZI in london on june 28, 2017

pioneer artwork by WINNIE HARLOW featured in issue 0