The September Issues


People always ask me why I launched this magazine in the current climate - at a moment when the publishing industry is in such crisis. Why make a move so counterintuitive to the times? I tell them that I had to. I needed to create a platform, where myself and other artists could start a new conversation, where we could speak our truths and express ourselves freely.

I’ve been a working photographer and artist for more than 2 decades. I have lived in New York, Paris, London and LA. I have incredible memories, the best mentors, and an infinite supply of inspiration. However, four years ago, I hit a wall where I felt eclipsed by the homogeneity of trends and repetition of ideas in beauty and fashion advertising. I felt alienated from exciting, emerging dialogue about women, identity, and power. As a working professional, I began to second guess my own point of view and my relationship to my favorite subjects—women. I committed myself 100% to exploration, change and growth. I said fuck it, and decided to make my own creative space with purpose and invite others to join.

The September Issues is my campaign for uninhibited creativity and integrity. I launched it as tangible space where I could make the kind of work I was craving to do and also witness others doing it— a catalyst for more. 


This magazine is a collection of the diversity of ideas and voices that are strong, yet under represented in the mainstream. We are talent driven.

The whole process of launching this magazine has been the hardest, most liberating, and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. We are many voices in this magazine, sometimes in disagreement, sometimes in harmony, and to me this is a sign of our vitality. To author our own identity, to put ourselves out there creatively, to define artistic space with one feminist action after another.

This is our second issue, and in it we explore the self and performance, the power of the feminine gaze, and the evolution of feminist vocabularies. I am blown away by the caliber of talent and passion contained within these pages.

Each time we publish The September Issues we are aligned with a group, charity or cause who we support by educating and creating awareness. Issue 0 was dedicated to Planned Parenthood. This time, we embrace Me Too Movement.

As we look to the past, live in the present, and dream for the future we say, “THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW.”

Mary Rozzi,

Founder + Creative Director