The September Issues

This issue—our third—is a study on seduction. As a magazine, we wanted to rescue seduction from misogynist tropes and dismantle old-fashioned definitions. We invited our contributors to explore their own definitions and relationships with seduction, and I am so inspired by the revisionist takes on the topic. Within these pages, I believe we have made a powerful case for how seduction as an uninhibited, creative exploration of attraction and sensuality ultimately leads to self-discovery, self-love, and self-understanding. 

The work of the diverse, talented artists featured in this issue reflects evolving societal values and what it means to examine tenderness and intimacy with ourselves. Creative output in the context of a magazine is such a fertile frontier to examine representation and responsibility as a community. 


Questions of identity are a constant for me and many women I know: What does it mean to be my best self? What does personal responsibility and power look like? We are the stories we tell ourselves; our inner dialogue is our outer manifestation. I see self-seduction as an amazing, creative act to turn our attention inward. What do we say to ourselves and how do we engage in seduction to get out the door each day? And what do we actually consider seductive? Each volume of The September Issues we align ourselves with a group, nonprofit or cause that we support by creating awareness. Issue 0 we dedicated to Planned Parenthood, Issue 1 was the embrace of Me Too, and for this issue we stand with Crisis Text Line. 

We are a biannual magazine of only women contributors. The brave and compelling work within Issue 2 takes on the gray areas of seduction—the messiness, the tenderness, the playfulness, and the sexiness. Enjoy.

Mary Rozzi,

Founder + Creative Director